City Club Rolls Out New Rates for Young Professionals

Posted on Oct 3, 2013

City Club Rolls Out New Rates for Young Professionals

Oct 3, 2013

Nashville’s young professionals now have access to City Club membership on a sliding scale and lower rates for those ages 35 and under.

“Nashville’s growing reputation as a center for innovation and steady economic growth are drawing more and more young executives. Nashville City Club offers a great introduction to our city and access to top business leaders,” says managing director Chris Weinberg.

New monthly rates for young professionals, effective Oct. 1, are the following:

  • $50 for those 28 and under
  • $75 for those ages 29-31
  • $95 for those ages 32-35

Membership with the Young Executives includes professional development and networking events, philanthropic opportunities plus social events. Young Executives attend Predators and Titans games and organize an annual outing to the Iroquois Steeplechase.

The monthly mentor program, for example, features panel discussions and pairings that allow younger members to get advice and guidance from experienced professionals. At one recent mentor event, David Castro of Claris Networks was paired with four people for 15-20 minutes each. Those face-to-face sessions covered everything from tips for writing business copy to using LinkedIn for networking to making connections within Nashville businesses.

“There is a lot going on,” says member Ryan Tubreville. “It seems like I know almost everybody.”

Since joining the club, Ryan, who works at, has made close friends. He trained with a City Club group for the Country Music Marathon in April 2013, changing his eating and exercise habits and losing 20 pounds in the process.

He also values access the club provides to seasoned business executives.

So does Jane Anne Miller, who recently left Ascend Management Innovations and launched her own consulting firm with a business partner. She says the mentor program alone has been invaluable.

The firm, Miller Lacy, provides practice management consulting to physician offices and therapists.

“Through the mentor program I have made connections and developed relationships with that have changed the course of my career,” she says. “ I would not be doing what I am today without the support and encouragement from these people.”

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