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Posted on Apr 29, 2013

Apr 29, 2013

Norm Partin

NCC Member, Norm Partin

Nashville City Club Member, Norm Partin, and his team have been working since 1982 to provide high impact corporate entertainment programs to their clients. With over 30 years in business, Partin & Associates “…understands how important your customers are to the growth and sustainability of your business. Our programs are well planned, budgeted and structured for you to treat your customers to an unforgettable experience that will showcase your appreciation for them.”

Norm explains that the goal at Partin & Associates is to “…create a WOW experience.” With a variety of events suited to fit the interests of a variety of people, clients can enjoy a once in a lifetime experience while spending quality time with their customers.  For instance, Norm says “My second favorite [part of my job] is being responsible for checking one item off someone’s Bucket List. This happens about 12 times a year at The Masters.” What a great feeling!

As a new member of the City Club, Norm is hoping to expand his contact base for future business. He is looking forward to utilizing all the benefits of membership, such as hosting sales presentations and business lunches.  With a mostly out of state clientele, Norm is looking forward to building his connections in Nashville.

Having been founded as media company focused on NASCAR with 25 years experience in radio and TV, Norm is known around his native Nashville as a “racing guy”. With his membership at the Club, he is looking to share the capabilities of Partin & Associates as a personalized event business.

Bristol suite

Suite at Bristol Motor Speedway

Along those lines, Norm wants potential clients to know that their business is truly client driven! Norm recalls “… a client called last year wanting to play three days of golf at Pebble Beach. We put it together based on their budget, strategy and specific needs. We informed other clients of the trip and signed up two more clients for the same week.” Further, each client had different numbers and played different courses.

Each program is created after strategy sessions with the client. They are developed to match their requests with the needs and goals of the event. Over the last two years, Partin & Associates has hosted events at The Ryder Cup, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Kentucky Derby, Bristol Motor Speedway and The Masters.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach.. in February!

You might be wondering what Norm’s favorite part of his job is? It is that their “…programs center on small successes between my clients and their customers. We make it harder for the customer to say no to our client, simple as that. Seeing new or increased business for my client is our motivation.” For example, in 2003, in their suite at Bristol Motor Speedway, a client introduced two companies to each other. The result? A six million dollar deal credited to the client while enjoying a NASCAR race.

dining in their clubhouse at the masters

Dining in Partin & Associates Clubhouse at the Masters

In 2013, Partin & Associates is hosting a variety of events including the Kentucky Derby, Pinehurst, Fly Fishing in Colorado, Bristol Motor Speedway NASCAR Race and the Titans at LP Field.

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